By Cindy Pon

Not anyone sought after Ai Ling. And deep down she is relieved—despite the dishonor she has introduced upon her family—to be unbetrothed and loose, no longer a few stranger's subservient bride banished to the internal quarters. yet now, anything is after her. whatever terrifying—a strength she can't understand. And as items of the puzzle begin to healthy jointly, Ai Ling starts off to appreciate that her trip to the Palace of aromatic desires isn't really just a quest to discover her liked father yet a enterprise with stakes better than she may have imagined. Bravery, intelligence, the need to struggle and struggle challenging . . . she's going to want all of these items. simply as she is going to desire the hot and mysterious energy turning out to be inside her. she's going to additionally need assistance. it really is Chen Yong who unearths her partially submerged and rarely respiring on the fringe of a deep lake. there's something of unspeakable evil attempting to drag her below. On a quest of his personal, Chen Yong bargains that aid . . . and maybe extra.

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Go back. The muscular tail squeezed tighter, smothering the precious 40 S I LV E R P H O E N I X air she had been given. It crushed her until she was nothing. Nothing but darkness and hot salty tears. Ai Ling felt someone tap her cheek. She opened her eyes and winced, her sight seared by the bright blue skies. A young man’s face appeared above hers. ” She gazed into his strange amber eyes—a color she had never seen. They were filled with concern. No, she wanted to say, I’m not all right. My father is dead.

He remained silent, looking down at her, his face never betraying his thoughts. His golden eyes were tinged with green. She dropped her gaze, hating herself for noticing. What was he thinking? Without conscious effort, she cast herself toward him, threw an invisible cord from her spirit to his. She felt it waver like a drunken serpent, fumble, and then latch. The sudden pulling and tautness within her navel surprised her. She remembered watching her father fish once. He’d offered her the bamboo rod when a fish took the bait, tugging so hard against the line she was afraid the rod would break.

I regret having to do this. Your husband 22 S I LV E R P H O E N I X owes me a great sum. ” “This can’t be, Master Huang. ” The merchant rolled up the scroll, knowing full well that her mother could not read what was written on the paper. “Husbands don’t divulge all matters to their wives, Lady Wen. What your husband was involved in was part of the man’s world. ” Master Huang shrugged. “I’m afraid it’s my word against yours. This scroll contains your husband’s signature and seal. ” He leaned forward and whispered close to her mother’s ear.

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